Tanner Is Ink Dynasty’s first apprentice under the one and only Keith Duggan. Started his apprenticeship on March 18th 2015, his apprenticeship lasted a year and has been professionally tattooing since March 18th 2016. His long life dream and journey of being a tattoo artist paid off with hard work and determination and being taught by some of the best artist in the area, he feels truly blessed and privileged to work at ink dynasty.

Tanner was born in Allentown Pennsylvania and moved to California with his mom and brother. Ever since he was younger he has been pursuing his art and been art driven. Tanner likes all aspects and different styles of tattooing, not trying to push one style over the other, would rather practice and try to prefect them all.  Everyday he tries to improve and get better with his career and grow as an artist.  With all his peers and mentors surrounding him he does the best to please everyone and learn as much as possible.

If Tanner had to choose the styles he would like to tattoo more of and grow in the fields it would be anything black and grey, realism, portraits, lettering, and color saturation.

Tanner will be happy to provide you with the best service possible and try to create a fun happy environment and excellent tattoo!