Kayla has been tattooing professionally since 2012. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She started her tattoo journey in Fort Collins Colorado where she did a 3year apprenticeship under heide unger starting in 2009.

She then traveled to chattanooga Tn where she got to develop her skills more as an artist. Kayla loves to travel the world and meet new people. She loves getting to know her clients and is so thankful for them coming to her to create something new together . Hey love of positive vibes and nature is a definite influence in her art. Striving to make solid and clean tattoos every time. Kayla loves being able to collaborate with you to take your ideas, help elevate them and help you to bring them to life!

She strives to be a well rounded artist and enjoys many styles of tattooing. Kayla enjoys both color and black a grey pieces. More well known for her bright and solid colors and detailed works of art. This truly is a reflection of her personality, bubbly and carefree but still very focused on proper execution. She runs off peace love and positive vibes… and coffee, definitely sometimes coffee… Kayla’s love of nature, flowers, animals,space, universe, women, patterns/ textures, abstract acrylic painting /watercolor painting and love of all things shiny really transfers into her tattooing style. Mixing realism with an illustrative or abstract painted style with her own twist really is where she thrives ! Kayla also does lots of work with fix ups and coverups.. taking something old and turning it into something new you can be proud of! With a feminine touch Kayla hopes to help you express your truest self through your wearable works of art. She appreciates and loves getting the opportunity to be one small part of your journey 🙂 “The fact that people want to wear my art for the rest of their life blows my mind! This truly is an amazing gift! Let’s hang out and make something awesome together!”