Jillian Wefald was born and raised in California. She started drawing enthusiastically at a very young age and knew that eventually she would pursue a career in the arts. During high school, she drew tattoo designs for her older friends and considered tattooing as a profession after seeing the disastrous executions of her designs. After graduating, she pursued a more traditional path in higher education at a private fine arts college in California.

Jillian spent a year studying portraiture and painting, but tattooing was never far from her mind and she knew a fine arts education could not compete with the pull toward tattooing. The challenge of a new medium she could explore with hard work and dedication was the perfect intersection of art and adventure.

She returned to the Central Coast of California and began an apprenticeship in 2010. She instantly gravitated toward a black and gray style. After years of drawing with graphite and charcoal, she had a good eye for tonal balance and detail. A knowledge of portraits, conceptual design and composition helped build her overall black and gray design skill.

Jillian prefers to work in medium to large scale pieces that revolve around floral, nature and wildlife content, portraiture, detail work, realism and statuesque themes. Open-minded clients who allow Jillian artistic license always leave with carefully designed, unique tattoos that flow well with the body. She loves brainstorming, and aspires to find the best tattoo design for each client’s concept, giving them a piece they will love forever.